KMC  and absolutely no clue where I am... Tupelo, Memphis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Toledo, Bowling Green, Syracuse, Phoenix... I dunno... 4/2009 

KMC & the Arizona State Federation of College Republicans

Annual Convention, Phoeniz Arizona, 4/2009

KMC & the Campus Republicans of

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green Ohio, 04/2009

  KMC & Miss USA 2005 Chelsea Cooley - CVN Tour 2009

  Gov Huck - CVN Tour 2009

  Stevie B & Governor Huckabee - CVN Tour 2009

 Joe the Plumber - CPAC 2009

 Palin's FAVORITE Baldwin Brother - CPAC 2009

 Book Signing CPAC 2009

 "LIVE" from Sundance Film Festival 2009

Stevie B: Republican National Convention in the fall of 2008 

Kevin doin' his THANG in the Strategy Room @ FOX NEWS